Benefits of Clean Shop Air for machinery with AR FILTRAZIONI mist collectors – 07.2021

Let’s give a shoutout to CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies, our partner in the United States for writing this complete article to explore the 4 critical points when considering the installation of an air purification/cleaning system.

Benefits of Clean Shop Air for Machinery

Micro-mists and micro-dusts find their ways into some of the most sensitive areas of the machine, i.e., electrical panels, tool magazine, head covers, CNC control, and rear parts of the linear or box guide ways. Over time, these radicals have a detrimental effect on these parts by wearing down the surfaces. And if there are any other types of measuring equipment or indicators near or present in the area, over time they will be affected as well.

Another aspect to consider is the increased risk of a fire hazard. Today, many CNC shops are using oil-based coolants to achieve greater precision and tool life. Metal is being removed at a fast rate with friction from a metal insert or tool. It takes just one spark in the oil mist to set off a fire instantly inside the machine. The overall affect will result in an increase in costs for spare replacement parts, labor, downtime, throughput, and possibly the precision tolerance or basic rigidity of the machine itself, let alone potential injury to the operator.

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Reducing Utility Costs

Using quality air purification systems, warm air can be reconditioned and recycled in the winter, and cool air can be processed in the same manner in the summer. By extracting Methane from Carbon Dioxide that is produced through manufacturing processes such as machines in operation, it can be collected, cleaned, and purified to be released back into the plant for heat.

This process is proven less expensive than pulling cold air in from the outside and processing it to become warm air inside. Conversely the same is done in the summer by recycling the air inside the plant and releasing it back into the environment as cool purified clean shop air, again saving money on opposed to pulling hot air in from the outside.

Protecting the Environment

We are all stewards of the environment, and when we produce micro-radicals into the air through the process of manufacturing a product, they eventually settle. Oil particles and toxic dust particles will eventually settle both inside and outside our facilities. During the process of wiping down machines, rinsing or washing hands, or cleaning anything within the facility, and unconsciously allowing it to go down the drain, it will end up in our water systems. The same is true if the toxic radicals escape our buildings. The result of these types of unintentional acts is contamination in our public water sources and nature’s ecosystems.

The Italian manufacturer of oil mist filters and collectors - Benefits of Clean Shop Air for Machinery with AR FILTRAZIONI mist collectors

Improved Employee/Employer Relations

Multiple studies indicate that quality air purification systems not only increase productivity, by the overall general health of those persons working in both the factory/warehouse and front office.  Imagine the potential cost savings in your company’s health insurance plan and workers’ compensation premiums alone if all employees were just a little healthier both physically and mentally.

Truly being concerned for the overall health and welfare of every single person in the company builds loyalty and trust. Then, add to it the overall effects of a healthier employee in their personal and family life. Once you start thinking about it, the concept becomes perpetually immeasurable.

A.R. Filtrazioni Air Purification Systems to Clean Shop Air

CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies is proud to offer A.R. Filtrazioni, the Italian maker of industrial air purifiers for oil mist, fume/dust contaminants, aerosols, and many other kinds of radical atmospheric pollutants. The company was founded and operates on this premise, which translates into their quality air purification products. A.R. Filtrazioni believes in comprehensively creating a healthy environment where the well-being of everything ultimately results in corporate health.

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