G7, climate deal for global temperatures

In Garmish there is the climate agreement between the seven leaders of the G7 in Elmau: “urgent and concrete action is necessary to tackle climate change,” the seven leaders of government said in the statement final.

Heads of state would agree on keeping the global temperature rise within the 2 degree limit from pre-industrial levels, on which they were divided until recently.

The target also calls for a 40% to 70% reduction in emissions compared with those in 2010 by 2050, “as part of a worldwide response.” The G7 countries pledged to “do their part to get to a global economy that in the long run does not consume excessive carbon.”

The agreement is in line with what was desired by Angela Merkel, who wanted to ‘build’ a united front ahead of the climate conference in Paris in December: “At the G7 there was a clear recognition on the objective of containment of the two-degree increase in global temperature”, commented the German chancellor who, in the final press conference of the summit, also assured the G7’s willingness to make meet the long-term commitment made in Copenhagen in 2009 to establish a $100 billion fund to fuel climate change initiatives in poorer countries.

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